Published On: Sun, Aug 11th, 2019

World War 3 threat: US and Israel risk military strikes against Iran – official admits | World | News

The next step for Israel and the US to take against Iran would be military strikes, according to a shock admission from a US official. Washington Strategy Group leader Joel Rubin made the stunning remarks after Israel confirmed it would be joining a US-led military alliance in the Gulf. In response to Israel’s role, Iran said it has the right to counter Israel’s role in the alliance, describing the move as a “clear threat”.

Speaking to Fox News, Joel Rubin, who worked under George W Bush and Barack Obama in the White House, warned that the next step to take for the US would be “military strikes” against Tehran.

He said: “Our policy of a maximum pressure again may be punishing them economically but we are not achieving anything at the table.

“Right now we are self-isolating. Iran still has the capability of restarting its nuclear programme.”

“So, well, what is next? Does it mean military strikes? That is where we are heading.”

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He added: “The policy right now is angling towards regime change. It does not look like we want to get back to negotiations.

“The danger we have with Iran is that right now we are heading into a military confrontation with them.”

Yesterday the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abbas Mousavi stressed that any Israeli role in a maritime alliance in the Gulf was a “clear threat” to Tehran.

He added that Iran has the right to counter it.

However, Iran also suffered embarrassment this week, after appearing to mistake an UAE boat for a British Royal Navy destroyer.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) had claimed that its gunboats chased down the Royal Navy’s destroyer HMS Duncan after releasing a dramatic video of the alleged event.

The video reveals a warship sailing in the distance while a group of smaller boats armed with machine guns follow behind at some distance.

However, viewers on social media quickly disputed the claim that the ship identified in the video was not HMS Duncan.

It is now believed that the IRGC mistook a UAE Baynunah-class ship for a British navy ship.

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