Published On: Sat, Aug 24th, 2019

World War 3: The West is ALREADY at war with Russia and China – warns John Pilger | World | News

Journalist and filmmaker John Pilger made the unnerving conclusions on RT Underground as the G7 conference, from which Russia was uninvited, begins in Biarritz. Mr Pilger explained: “What are these talks about excluding two of the most interesting developing or developed powers of the world: Russia and China? The truth is, what no one is talking about, is that there is a world war.

“It’s not a shooting war but it could easily become a world war.

“There is a war already on China.

“There has been a war of attrition against Russia for some years now.

“Breaking up the Russian Federation is an American objective.

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“Maintaining US supremacy in all areas of human affairs is what, particularly this regime in Washington, is committed to.

“It’s now reaching a head because they see a challenge in China.

“And, undoubtedly, it’s an economic challenge but it’s not a military challenge.

“This 19th century view of the world that permeates Washington and has returned to the UK has now created a war situation with China.

“Very few know that China has now changed its nuclear posture from low alert, that is separating the warheads from missiles, to high alert – that is putting them together, the same as the US.

“That’s something China didn’t do for many many years, but they’re clearly worried there now.”

A think tank has warned that China could win ‘World War 3’ before the US even has time to respond should conflict take place in the Indo-Pacific region.

The University of Sydney’s United States Study Centre has warned the US has lost its military presence in the Indian Ocean, the western and central Pacific Ocean, and the seas connecting the two in the general area of Indonesia, also known more commonly as the Indo-Pacific.

In a report called “Averting Crisis: American strategy, military spending and collective defence in the Indo-Pacific”, the document claims “America no longer enjoys military primacy in the Indo-Pacific and its capacity to uphold a favourable balance of power is increasingly uncertain”.

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The report warns that although Donald Trump’s military is still an amicable force in the waters, the “combined effect of ongoing wars in the Middle East, budget austerity, underinvestment in advanced military capabilities and the scale of America’s liberal order-building agenda has left the US armed forces ill-prepared for great power competition in the Indo-Pacific”.

The same report also warns that China would be able to use the US lack of reach to launch a colossal military attack against President Trump’s regional allies.

This would see China achieve victory before the US even has a chance to respond, NewsWeek reports.

The report said: “Having studied the American way of war — premised on power projection and all-domain military dominance — China has deployed a formidable array of precision missiles and other counter-intervention systems to undercut America’s military primacy.

“By making it difficult for US forces to operate within range of these weapons, Beijing could quickly use limited force to achieve a fait accompli victory — particularly around Taiwan, the Japanese archipelago or maritime Southeast Asia — before America can respond, sowing doubt about Washington’s security guarantees in the process.”

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