Published On: Fri, Oct 11th, 2019

World War 3: Erdogan manipulated Trump over Putin’s S-400 missiles, NATO insider claims | World | News

Despite being NATO allies, Turkey has defied the US in recent months by cozying up to Russian President Putin. Erdogan infuriated his allies when he accepted Russian S-400 missiles that are now active in Ankara according to satellite images obtained by ImageSat. The outrage in NATO was due to the capability of Russia to gather intelligence on F-35 fighter jets that are designed to overpower missile defence systems, however with S-400s in Ankara, the Russian military can learn about the potential weaknesses of jets used by European and North American nations. Jim Townsend worked in the Barack Obama administration as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Policy, and is now a senior fellow in the CNAS (Center for a New American Security) Transatlantic Security Programme.

Mr Townsend believes Erdogan tried to manipulate President Trump as he looked to attain weapons from both NATO and Russia.

He told “The S-400 example is a situation where Erdogan feels his interests at this moment are better suited to working with Putin and doing things like getting the S-400, and couriering favour with Moscow.

“Turkey and Russia are using each other for their own ends.

“Erdogan also underestimated the US, he felt he could manipulate Trump, who is a master manipulator himself, to then get both the S-400 and the F-35’s.

“That just isn’t going to happen. The S-400s in Turkey would be used while F-35s are flying overhead, with the S-400 taking readings and cross-sections. There is a variety of ways the Russians could learn about the capabilities and the vulnerabilities of the F-35.

“The F-35 is meant to penetrate the S-400, so the idea that we would let the Turks man Russian systems while F-35s flew above and within the range is ridiculous.

“It is not in the interest of NATO members, but to Erdogan finding favour with Putin to him is more important than doing what is right for his allies.”

Despite Erdogan’s disruptive policy, Mr Townsend does not believe Turkey’s place in NATO will be at risk, stating that there are plenty of ways allies can counteract Ankara’s behaviour.

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This has been received as a betrayal by the Kurds, with many international leaders fearing the conflict could lead to ISIS fighters escaping prisons in the region.

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