Published On: Mon, Oct 7th, 2019

World War 3: China unleashes new stealth drone that US has no way of stopping | World | News

Named ‘Sharp Sword’, the new weapon was unveiled during the 70th China Anniversary parade last week in Beijing. The ‘Sharp Sword’ is similar in appearance to the Predator drone – used by the US since 1995 – but features like its wing design and the way its exhaust is concealed give it enhanced stealth capabilities. The fact it is unmanned also means it can circle a target’s airspace for hours or days, free from the limitations of a manned aircraft and human error. China reportedly had a flying prototype of the drone as early as 2013.

It was revealed during the biggest military parade in China’s history, with 15,000 soldiers marching while the The Ministry of National Defence claimed that 59 different elements of the armed forces were present, on top of the 580 pieces of military equipment rolling through the streets and 160 aircraft flying overhead.

Other weapons unveiled included the latest road-mobile DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile, which can carry several nuclear warheads and reach as far as the US in just 30 minutes according to reports.

Chinese President Xi Jinping lauded China’s military and asserted that nobody will stop Beijing from achieving its global and political goals.

In what could be seen as a statement of intent to potential rivals, he said: “The military should resolutely safeguard China’s sovereignty, security, and development interests, and firmly uphold world peace.

“No force can ever shake the status of China, or stop the Chinese people and nation from marching forward.”

According to Statista, China’s surge in spending on weapons development coincided with the US’ costly conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

During that timeframe, China upped its expenditure by 83 percent and the results of that could be seen on the streets of Beijing during the parade.

Even though no country comes close to matching US military expenditure which came to £529billion last year (China was second with £200billion), Beijing had the highest increase of any nation by far between 2009 and 2018, according to Sipri.

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The missile, along with a variety of other weapons, was fired at an old US Navy frigate, the former USS Ford, which was towed to the Pacific to act as a target in the testing.

This represents significant progress in the US’ military efforts as the Giffords is the first US Navy ship to deploy with a naval strike missile, and analysts say it helps even the equation in the Pacific, where China has been increasing and developing its arsenal.

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