Published On: Fri, Aug 16th, 2019

Winds of Winter release: Is THIS why new Game of Thrones book delayed? | Books | Entertainment

The last time George RR Martin released a Game of Thrones book was 2011 and the release date of The Winds of Winter is still a mystery. Martin has set himself a personal deadline of next summer, despite admitting it almost hit shelves four years ago. The last two gaps in writing a new A Song of Ice and Fire novel were five and six years, so why the delay? Well, there are a few reasons.

Screen Rant point out Martin’s life has become much busier since the success of the Game of Thrones TV show.

Debuting in 2011, when A Dance with Dragons released, the 70-year-old author has had many a distraction including his increased celebrity.

He’s become a writer, executive producer and more in the TV industry; visiting the Game of Thrones sets and now looking ahead to spin-offs – with the first already shooting.

Martin has also written other books aside from working on The Winds of Winter, with Volume 1 of his Targaryen history Fire and Blood arriving last year – perhaps a form of procrastination from A Song of Ice and Fire?

Aside from being busy, the other main reason The Winds of Winter has been delayed is that Martin is finding it hard to write.

After all, there have been ever-increasing characters and plot points since he started A Song of Ice and Fire 20 years ago.

Speaking with The Guardian last year, he said: “I’ve been struggling with it for a few years.

“The Winds of Winter is not so much a novel as a dozen novels, each with a different protagonist, each having a different cast of supporting players, antagonists, allies and lovers around them, and all of these weaving together against the march of time in an extremely complex fashion. So it’s very, very challenging.”

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