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Where to check old Premium Bonds: How to find out if you’ve won £1 million in prize draw | Personal Finance | Finance

Premium Bonds cost £1 per bond, and can be bought with a minimum investment of £25. The Premium Bonds numbers are then entered into a monthly prize draw. Rather than earning interest on the bonds, the holders instead get the chance to “win” money at different prize levels. This is determined randomly, using Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment – also known as ERNIE.

It’s possible to check to see if one has won a prize by using the holder’s number or the NS&I number.

A person can use their holder’s number on the prize checker on the NS&I website, as well as in the prize checker app.

All the Premium Bonds are grouped under a unique holder’s number.

By using one’s NS&I number, a person can check if they have won a prize using the Premium Bonds prize checker app, which is available on iOS or Android.

It’s not possible to use the Bond number or numbers in order to check if a person has won a prize.

However, people who don’t know the other number or have lost the documents, are able to write to NS&I in order to ask for a Bond record.

NS&I state that they contact all prize winners, however there are cases where the good news may not be received.

The website explains that this could be for a variety of reasons, such as not having an up-to-date address or other personal details, or the letter has gone astray.

NS&I hold onto the prize until the winner gets in touch, with there being no time limit for claims.

In addition to checking via the prize checker online and on the apps, it’s possible to write to NS&I in order to ask for one’s prize history.

In order to do this, Premium Bonds holders should include their name, address, and NS&I number or Premium Bonds holder’s number.

More than 3.3 million prizes were available in September 2019.

The prize fund amounted to in excess of £96 million.

This included two £1 million winners, while six people scooped a £100,000 payment.

NS&I unveiled details about the two holders of the top level Winning Bonds.

Both male, one person is from Surrey, while the other is from Hertfordshire.

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