Published On: Tue, Oct 15th, 2019

Walmart begins direct-to-fridge delivery service for 1 million US customers

First announced back in June, Walmart’s InHome Delivery service is now available for over 1 million customers in three US cities: Kansas City, Missouri; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Vero Beach, Florida. The service allows Walmart’s camera-equipped “associates” to enter your home and deliver food directly into your fridge.

Walmart’s service doesn’t come cheap. You’ll need to pay $49.95 upfront to have the company install the Level Home smart lock or the Nortek garage door tech its associates need to get into your home, and then there’s a $19.95 monthly fee to pay as well (although the first month is free). This fee gets you unlimited deliveries, although they’ll need to contain at least $30 worth of items to qualify for InHome Delivery.

If the idea of having a driver bring deliveries directly into your home sounds familiar, that’s because Amazon has been offering the same thing for a while now as part of its Key home delivery service. First launched back in 2017, Amazon’s service has since expanded to allow delivery drivers to access your garage or even the trunk of your car. British supermarket Waitrose has also trialed a similar service in the UK.

You can head over to to see if your address is eligible.

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