Published On: Tue, Sep 3rd, 2019

VIDEO: John Bercow orders Boris Johnson to ‘SIT DOWN’ as speaker shows his true colours | UK | News

Boris Johnson’s first address to the House of Commons following Parliament’s return proved to test the patience of the Prime Minister and the House Speaker. The Prime Minister’s speech discussing Brexit and the progress of the UK was met with boos, shouting and jeers to the point that the House Speaker was forced to step in. On multiple occasions, Mr Bercow told Mr Johnson to sit down before he addressed the House.

The Prime Minister said: “Britain is on the verge Mr Speaker on taking back control of our trade policy.

“We will be able to restore our independent seat in the WTO for the first time in 46 years.”

Mr Johnson attempted to continue and begin a sentence on the United States before the opposition bench roared in protest.

He seemingly gave up and said: “I wish my honourable all the best” before gesturing towards the House Speaker.

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Mr Bercow while seemingly frustrated pointed and gestured for the Prime Minister to sit down.

He said: “Order, order, sit down, sit down, I am very grateful.

“I want to hear what the Prime Minister has to say in response to the question.

“And that answer, that response must be heard, the Prime Minister.”

Determined to continue Mr Johnson again began: “We are on the verge, Mr Speaker.

“We could achieve even more in our trade with the United States by using the powers we will regain to do a comprehensive free trade deal.

“A deal in which both President Trump and I have agreed that the NHS is not on the table.”

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