Published On: Tue, Sep 24th, 2019

Venezuela news: Maduro snubs UN Assembly to meet Vladimir Putin | World | News

Maduro said in a speech broadcast on Twitter: “Tonight I will head to Russia with an official visit in order to meet with our friend – President Putin.”

The Venezuelan leader said he will also meet with Russian entrepreneurs during the visit.

He added: “We will discuss developing bilateral relations and consider possibilities to give them an additional impetus.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said earlier that Putin will meet with the presidents of Venezuela, Kazakhstan and the Philippines on the sidelines of the Valdai Club session in Sochi.

The 16th annual session of the Valdai International Discussion Club will be held from September 30 until October 3. This year’s topic is ‘Dawn of the East and the Global Political System’.

The meeting will be arranged in order to discuss efforts by third countries to meddle in Latin America, the Kremlin said.

This will likely lead conversations onto US President Donald Trump who has been a vocal critic of Maduro’s regime.

Trump has applied political pressure in the form of heavy sanctions and also threatened military intervention in a bid to oust Maduro.

However, the stalemate has continued despite National Assembly leader Juan Guaido declaring himself President in January this year.

The US and 55 other countries recognised Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

However, propped up by China and Russia, Maduro has benefitted from loans and weapons deals that have fended off Trump’s aggressive diplomacy.

Caracas can use all of the allies it can get, given that Maduro’s enemies don’t start and end with the US.

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He also added: “It’s an unfortunate fact that the current government of Colombia has turned its politics into a true threat to the tranquility of Venezuela.”

Duque is attending the UN General Assembly today even in Maduro’s absence.

The Colombian leader is expected to accuse Maduro of breaking a Security Council resolution, that was formed after the 9/11 attacks in New York, by offering refuge to rebels in Venezuela who broke a peace process and took arms against Colombia.

The Venezuelan president has repeatedly denied those accusations, and although he will not attend this year’s General Assembly, his envoys are likely to levy similar charges against Duque, accusing him of failing to act against illegal armed groups plotting attacks against his government from Colombia.

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