Published On: Mon, Sep 2nd, 2019

Venezuela news: Maduro accuses Colombia of violent plot against his regime | World | News

Jorge Rodriguez, the Communications Mininster in Caracas referred to the soldiers as “terrorists” and even addressed the Colombian President Ivan Duque directly, calling Colombia a “failed state.”The images supposedly show camps along the border between the two countries, where 200 men are being trained. Colombia is one of 50 nation states that refuses to acknowledge Maduro as the legitimate leader of Venezuela amid the poltiical crisis that has seen hyperinflation, lack of resources and poverty reduce much of the country to chaos and hardship.

Maduro became president in Venezuela following the death of fellow socialist leader Hugo Chavez.

Chavez was notorious for his populist approach and generous investment in social and public services – made possible by Venezuela’s oil wealth, making the country the richest in Latin America.

However, since Maduro took the reigns the economy has suffered drastically. Oil was the main driver of the economy during the Chavez era, but prices have since dropped drastically leading Venezuela into economic disaster.

Maduro has also built a reputation for authoritarian rule, attempting to replace the National Assembly (a legislative body largely opposed to Maduro) with a new body occupied only by his allies.

US President Donald Trump also placed huge sanctions on Venezuela, in an attempt to pressure Maduro out of his role as President.

In January 2019, Opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself as acting president, describing Maduro’s reelection as “illegitimate”. He is backed by the US, Canada, much of Latin America and also many European countries. Countries such as China, Russia, Turkey and Syria still side with Maduro, who described Guaido’s challenge as a “US plot”.

Colombia becomes the latest country to provoke hostility from Caracas.

Rodriguez said: “It’s an unfortunate fact that the current government of Colombia has turned its politics into a true threat to the tranquility of Venezuela.”

He then referred to Colombia as “failed state” questioning Duque’s permitting of the camps.

He added: “What is Ivan Duque going to do with this? What will the Colombian police do with the fact that in Colombian territory, murderous, terrorist paramilitaries are that plant bombs are being trained?

“We suppose that if it weren’t a failed state…they would immediately raid these locations to show they aren’t harbouring them.”

Duque responded to Rodriguez’ strong words, stating: “We’re not witnessing the birth of a new guerrilla army, but rather the criminal threats of a band of narco-terrorists who have the protection and support of Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship.” 

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