Published On: Wed, Aug 21st, 2019

‘Varadkar would say that!’ Arlene Foster mocks Irish leader as backstop row erupts | Politics | News

“But I think the letter that the Prime Minister has sent to  explains very clearly why the backstop cannot be entered into.

“Apart from, of course, the simple political reality that it has been rejected three times by the House of Commons, it is anti-democratic, it is inconsistent with the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, and, of course, it risks weakening the delicate balance, as is pointed out in the letter, between the parties to the Belfast Agreement.”

Mr Johnson’s administration is propped up by a confidence-and-supply agreement with the DUP in exchange for which the party’s 10 MPs support the Government.

And Ms Foster offered a reminder of the importance of the backstop issue to Unionists, saying: “I think that’s very important because, of course, the Belfast Agreement has been used to justify the backstop but, as the prime minister points out, it doesn’t have the support of ourselves – political unionism as we are so-called.


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