Published On: Thu, Aug 15th, 2019

UK weather: Month of rain to fall TOMORROW – Met Office warns of washout as floods hi | Weather | News

A yellow warning has been put in place for south-west England, Wales and parts of the north. Met Office meteorologist Emma Smith said: “There’s a chance the weather at the weekend could be quite disruptive, much like the one just gone. “On Friday we could see wet and windy weather with further outbreaks of rain and coastal gales into the weekend. 

“There should be some sun and showers on Saturday, but with a risk of thunder across the country.

“The warnings we have for Saturday are for 30 to 40mm of rain in the north and Wales.

“This unsettled weather is due to the jet stream in the Atlantic filtering low pressure towards us.

“By Tuesday and Wednesday next week we should see things settle down and western England and Wales should see some better weather.

“High pressure is due to build in the south by the end of the month and we should be heading back to more seasonable weather conditions particularly in the south east.

“Wednesday morning, an area of low pressure will move in from the south west with high winds and outbreaks of rain across the country.

“The heaviest rain will be in northern England.

“While the rain will clear away on Thursday it will be followed by thunder.”

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The video reads: “Tropical storm Krosa is spinning around over the northwest Pacific Ocean.

“It was previously a typhoon but has now weakened to a strong tropical storm.

“During the next few days, it will move over Japan and onwards to the far east of Russia.

“However, it will also bump into the jet stream high up in the atmosphere.

“This will send a ripple eastwards along the jet stream, like what happens when you flick a skipping rope.

“If you look closely, you can see this ripple in the jet stream travel across the ocean to the US.

“The ripple then travels onwards to above the Atlantic Ocean, pushing the jet stream north of the UK.

“If the jet stream moves north of the UK, it will bring high pressure instead of low pressure.

“High pressure would bring settled weather for the end of August with some sunshine and a warmer feel than of late.”

The Met Office’s long-range forecast also suggests settled conditions could return to the UK towards the end of the month and at the start of September.

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