Published On: Thu, Aug 22nd, 2019

UK weather forecast: South set to bask in sunshine whilst north receives even more miserab | Weather | News

While the north continues to be buffeted with heavy rain, the south will see brighter and warmer weather according to the Met Office latest forecast. Meteorologist Aidan McGivern gave Thursday’s forecast. He explained: “For Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England, there will be more wet weather to come, but across southern parts of the country, well, after a fresh start, there will be plenty of sunshine.

“Lots of dry, bright weather in the far north of Scotland.

“For Northern Ireland, it’s turning wetter from the word go.”

Mr McGivern explained the picture in the south of the United Kingdom was far better.

He said: “Fresh start to the day with some sunshine but also a few misty fog patches, those fog patches soon lifting and it’s going to be a fine day across East Anglia, into southern counties of England with long spells of sunshine.”

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Scotland will see the worst of the rain: “For Scotland, that’s where the rain really sets in for the afternoon, becoming heavy and prolonged over the hills of western Scotland, with moisture laden winds arriving from the Atlantic.”

Northeast Scotland will be sheltered for the most part, but there will still be some showers in that part of the country.

It will eventually begin to calm down in Northern Ireland during the afternoon.

Mr McGivern added: “Bright spells to end the day and feeling a little bit warmer.

“But it’s a wet evening to come, especially over western Scotland, hills there seeing some heavy rainfall for a time, now Eastern Scotland will see some breaks in the cloud, increasingly Northern Ireland, northern England seeing the rain peter out.”

There will be cloud in the north and west of Scotland on Friday.

The day will begin with lots of mist and fog.

“Warmer, sunnier weather arrives from the continent” will be experienced on the weekend.

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