Published On: Thu, Aug 29th, 2019

UK weather forecast: Heatwave over as Britain hit with flooding risk – rain ‘here to stay’ | Weather | News

Muggy conditions will continue throughout the week as temperatures slowly tumble but cloud cover increases. The incoming rain will also bring yellow weather warnings on Friday and Saturday as there is an increased risk of flooding. There will be some sunny spells on Thursday centralising mostly in south England.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “Chilly for some on Thursday morning but plenty of sunny spells up and down the country before showers arrive through the day.

“You can see the showers already approaching Western Scotland and Northern Ireland as well meanwhile central and eastern Scotland plenty of sunshine.

“Temperatures in the mid single figures to kick things off soon rising and across central and eastern England.

“Almost wall-to-wall sunshine in places and a lovely fresh but bright start to the day.”

Cloudy skies will move across northwest England Wales into the southwest during the morning.

These are expected to go eastwards in the day.

Mr McGivern said: “In the southeast we can expect essentially a sunny day but for the rest of England and Wales it’s clouding over through the morning and into the afternoon.

“A few showers out there not particularly heavy or prolonged but for Scotland and all the land here it will be a blustery day with bright spells but also heavy frequent long showers coming through.

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Mr McGivern said: “Northern Ireland the blustery weather continues and in fact their showers turn into more prolonged wet weather as these weather fronts queue up towards the west.

“They are lined up in fact they’re aligned with the winds and that means that when the rainfall sets in it’s here to stay it’s not going to be blown away.

“In fact the moist wind from the southwest will blow the rainfall on to the hills of north west Britain causing some particularly wet weather over western hills of Scotland.

“For example so wet start here on Friday morning not a chilly start mind you because of that humid air flow.”

Temperatures will struggle to make it into double figures across the weekend.

Mr McGivern added: “A lot of cloud cover for Scotland, northern Ireland, northern and western Britain but for central and southeastern areas Friday is another bright and reasonably warm day.

“The winds coming up from the south completely different story further north a lots of cloud cover and that rainfall really is here to stay across western Scotland and increasingly so for northwest England, north Wales and northern Ireland.

“Dumfries and Galloway for example more than 100 millimetres of rainfall with a risk of localised flooding because of that yellow warning in force.

“It’s not going to feel pleasant in the northwest but where we’ve got the sunny spells further southeast 24C or 25C.”

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