Published On: Sat, Sep 7th, 2019

UK weather forecast: Britain to experience freezing temperatures as winter begins | Weather | News

Saturday morning will see a few showers and light wind across northern areas. Heavy showers will also extend to the far east of Scotland but for the rest of Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland it will be a fine, sunny start to the weekend.

England and Wales will also mainly experience a dry and sunny start with just a few showers across western Wales and southwest England.

Met Office Meteorologist Mark Wilson said: “It’s a rather cool start today for many areas.

“Through the day, many of us will stay dry with more bright or sunny spells to come, particularly across northern areas.

“There will be a few showers further towards the south.

“We continue to see showers drifting along that North Sea coast.

“Some of these could be on the heavy side.”

The North Sea coast will see more of a breeze which will cause temperatures to drop.

Across other parts of the UK, there will be more sunshine and lighter winds.

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“Temperatures in towns and cities will see lows of 4C (39F) but in more rural spots they will fall a few degrees colder than that.

“We could get quite close to freezing across the glens of Scotland.”

Sunday morning will be a cold start but also very sunny for many areas.

There will be lots of sunshine first thing and through the day many areas will experience dry weather with some sunny spells.

But the North Sea coastline will see continuing showers throughout the day.

Northwest England, Northern Ireland and western Scotland will experience more cloud through the afternoon.

Some of those areas could also experience some patchy rain or drizzle.

Northern areas will also see the breeze start to pick up which will make it feel a lot cooler.

However, elsewhere will experience highs of 18C (64F) or 19C (66f) on Sunday.

Mr Wilson added: “All-in-all, a fairly decent weekend to come with just a few showers to watch out for.”

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