Published On: Sat, Aug 24th, 2019

UK weather forecast: Britain to bake in scorching 90F bank holiday – Met Office latest | Weather | News

The bank holiday will be hot for many over the next couple of days particularly in parts of eastern England. Northern areas, the western isles and parts of the Highlands in Scotland are likely to stay fairly cloudy with a few showers. Showers could also reach the west of Northern Ireland.

Met Office Meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “It is a fine start to the long weekend with a bit of mist and fog here and there early on but that should be clearing by mid-morning.

“Then it’s sunny skies and rising temperatures.

“As I said, there’s still the threat of more cloud in the far northwestern corner with a few showers.

“But elsewhere mist and fog will clear for hazy sunshine.

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“It’s been quite a wet August so far and so it’ll be a shock to the system to see temperatures widely into the mid 20Cs (77F).”

Some areas will see temperatures going into the high 20Cs (80F) and maybe into the low 30Cs (86F) across East Anglia.

East England will see the highest temperatures this weekend but Saturday night and into Sunday will see more cloud coverage in the west with a few showers likely in the far northwest.

More cloud will move into Wales and southwest England with some mist and fog possible elsewhere but for most, it will be a dry and Saturday evening.

Mr Deakin continued: “Sunday there is going to be more cloud in the west but it should be a dry day.

“Maybe the odd early shower here and there, and again across eastern areas there will be hazy sunshine all day.”

The west will have more cloud around on Sunday so temperatures will not be as high but will still get into the mid 20s.

East Anglia and the southeast will see higher temperatures compared to Saturday of 31C (88F) or 32C (90F).

Next week, it will feel warmer compared to the rest of the month with regular spells of sunshine.

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