Published On: Sun, Aug 25th, 2019

UK weather forecast: Britain to bake in bank holiday heatwave – Met Office latest | Weather | News

The next few days will see lots of sunshine, warm temperatures and dry weather  across the UK. The dry and more settled weather is all down to high pressure which will be dominant over the next few days. Scotland will experience a sunny start on Sunday with some mist and low cloud in parts of the far north.

Northern Ireland and most of England and Wales will see a dry and sunny Sunday morning with some low cloud impacting parts of western wales and southwest England.

Met Office Meteorologist Craig Snell said: “That cloud could also just be thick enough for the odd spot of rain.

“The rest of the morning and into the afternoon will see that cloud break up allowing some sunshine to develop.

“We may just see that low cloud and mist remaining across parts of northern Scotland.”

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For many it will be a fine and sunny afternoon with temperatures getting into the mid to high 20Cs in most areas.

Parts of East Anglia and the southeast could see even higher temperatures of 31C (88F) or 32C (90F).

The evening will remain very warm with some low cloud and mist affecting some Irish Sea coasts with the odd shower developing elsewhere.

Mr Snell continued: “Most places will remain dry in the evening hours of Sunday.

“Bank Holiday Monday for some of us will be largely dry with lots of sunshine around in the east.”

There could be the odd shower down towards the southwest.

A separate band of rain could see more showers in Northern Ireland and western Scotland.

For many parts of the UK, the weather will be warm with temperatures soaring up to 33C (91F) in the southeast.

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