Published On: Mon, Aug 12th, 2019

UK weather forecast: Britain set for heavy rain and blustery winds as thunderstorms strike | Weather | News

The Met Office’s Luke Miall explained that the UK would see heavy showers and wind in addition to potential thunderstorms in the south on Monday. He added that temperatures would be “disappointing” for this time of year and noted that this week overall would feel fresher potentially with chiller nights. The Met Office meteorologist said: “It is a fresh start for many of us this morning, quite chilly in parts of western Scotland under those clear skies.

“There will be some sunshine around first thing as well.

“And as the day goes on we will see a mixture of sunny spells and some heavy showers.

“But some of the lowest temperatures are across western Scotland first thing this morning under those clear skies.

“Temperatures will be well down into single figures and it is quite grey and gloomy across eastern Scotland and northeast England and still some drizzle remaining from yesterday’s weather front which brought a very wet day.

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“But elsewhere we have got some sunshine to start the day but across the south some heavy showers, there could even be a thunderstorm in the southeast of England in the next few hours.

“So there will be some wet weather around for a time, that will tend to clear away in the southeast and we will see a mixture of sunshine and showers developing up and down the UK.

“Some heavy showers in places, there could be some hail and thunder mixed in with the sunshine as well.

“There will be some sunshine for some of us but quite blustery even though those winds won’t be as strong as they were over the weekend.”

Mr Miall said: “Showers will continue overnight for the UK especially so in the west where we could see further spells of wet weather pushing its way in.

“Skies will clear away from the coastal areas Monday evening so inland will see those temperatures start to dip away and a chilly night is to come once again as we start the day on Tuesday.

“It is going to stay pretty unsettled across the UK this week and low pressure will often be in charge giving us further spells of wet and windy weather.

“The rain perhaps not as heavy as it has been of late but still a risk of heavy showers in places.”

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