Published On: Tue, Aug 27th, 2019

UK forecast weather latest: Thunderstorms and rain set to batter Britain, Met Office warns | Weather | News

Met Office meteorologist Luke Miall said: “There will be some heavy showers developing towards the southwest. And already some of these not far away from the southwest coast that will push their way into Cornwall and Devon and parts of Somerset and South Wales as Monday night moves on. So, don’t be surprised if you hear the rumble of thunder and see some mist and fog patches developing underneath those clear skies the wet weather begging in the Northwest.

“As we head through the morning those showers blossoming as they move into Wales, with some further thunderstorms across parts of the Midlands and northwest England.”

The weather map has revealed wind gusts up to 70mph could smash into Britain later this week.

The Met Office says it will turn wet and windy from the northwest by Friday.

The weather agency warns that the UK will face an unsettled weekend ahead, with heavy showers for much of the country.

The Met Office forecast says gales will be possible in the northwest and temperatures could significantly drop.

Mr Miall said: “As we go through Tuesday morning and into the early afternoon elsewhere there will still be plenty of warm sunshine still on the cards pretty and it will remain hot in that southeast corner.

“The weather system could spark off the odd isolated shower, but it’s cooler and fresher across Northern Ireland and Scotland.

“There will still be rain in the far northwest and a bit more cloud in the sky.”

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“Some of those rain outbursts could be heavy at times.

“This is all down to a weather front that’s very slowly pushing its way eastward and that is what is going to introduce cooler and fresher air.

“So, across the northwest for parts of Northern Ireland it’s a brighter end to the day but it will feel cooler.

“The southeast corner of the UK will have heat for just one more day, but as it does move away we see this cold front pushing through across all areas flooding much fresher air across the country.

“This will be caused by the jet stream starting to introduce cooler and more unsettled weather as we head towards the weekend.”

On Sunday, the record for the hottest late August Bank Holiday weekend was broken.

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden said: “Parts of the country will see maximum temperatures during the early part of this week.

“While slightly lower temperatures will take the sting out of the extreme heat later in the week, we are likely to see some widespread thunderstorms.

“These are most likely across western Britain and where they occur there will be a risk of further flooding.”

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