Published On: Thu, Sep 5th, 2019

UK crimewave: Hero shopkeeper, 82, fought off armed robbery with her walking stick | UK | News

Yesterday she said: “I wish I’d had something a bit harder with me, so I could have finished him off and knocked him out. He won’t be so lucky next time.” At first June thought it was a joke when the man walked into her newsagents with a blanket around his head and just his eyes showing. “He said, ‘I want your money’. I said, ‘You’re not having it’. He came round the back of the counter and got cash from the till,” said June. 

“I couldn’t find the panic button so I got my stick and really belted him. I went hell for leather on him. He wasn’t expecting that. 

“I nearly had his shirt but he pushed me to the floor and rushed out like the clappers. 

“I acted on instinct. I thought there’s no way he’s having the money we work so hard to make.” 

After shoving June to the ground, the intruder fled the store in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, with £50 and six packs of cigarettes at 6.30am on Tuesday. 

June remained on the floor until a customer came in and dialled 999. 

Incredibly, she was back behind the till just half an hour later after being checked by paramedics for a black eye and bruising to her arm. 

The thug had waited until June’s son Alan left to deliver the morning papers before he pounced. 

She added: “You can’t give way to these people but you have to be careful in case they’ve got knives or guns. We don’t work from 5am to 6pm seven days a week to have some scumbag steal from us.” 

Alan, 62, from Werrington, Staffs, said: “Her blood pressure was up but I think she was just more angry that she didn’t do a better job of it. 

“She was very brave and I don’t think he’ll be back. 

“We found a metal bar on the floor which we think must have fallen out of his pocket and he also dropped his blanket which the police have taken away to examine. 

“The police have been very proactive and we just want this guy caught now so he can’t target anybody else.” 

June, who has three grandchildren, has run the shop for 45 years. She uses a stick to get around after a hip replacement three years ago. 

The suspect was white, aged between 25 and 30, with a slight blond moustache and was wearing a black tracksuit. 

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