Published On: Mon, Oct 21st, 2019

Typhoon Bualoi tracker map: Latest spagetti models, charts, path and forecast graphs | World | News

The latest advisory from the Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) warned of adverse effects on Japan’s east coast from this evening.

The JMA said Neoguri would bring landslides, flooding and swelling rivers to the Pacific side of the country, and thunderstorms to wider areas of Japan.

Maximum rainfall forecasts state the storm could bring 300 millimetres (11 inches) to the central the Tokai region, and 200 millimetres (7 inches) to the western Kinki region and the Izu island chain.

Both systems are also tipped to whip up dangerously high waves, with swells of six metres forecast for Okinawa, and five metres in the Tokai, Kinki and Shikoku regions.

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