Published On: Wed, Oct 23rd, 2019

Turkey news: Brexit Party MEP attacks ‘bankrupt EU’ for funding ‘atrocious’ rogue regime | World | News

The MEP lashed out at the EU executive for failing to listen to a staggering majority of the European Parliament calling for the Brussels bloc to cut funds to and never allow the rogue regime to join the . In her passionate address to MEPs, Ms Phillips claimed the EU was pursuing its “expansionists ambitions” at the cost of thousands of Kurdish people who had until now fought shoulder to shoulder with Europe against in Syria. 

She said: “The UK has finally suspended arms exports to Turkey: too little too late.

“We now want economic sanctions but our intentions are futile when the EU continues to pay this rogue state to further commercial and expansionists ambitions.

“The Kurds in their tens of thousands stood shoulder to shoulder with Europe to protect us from brutal terrorists.

“Thousands laid down their lives.

“They should be rewarded. Instead, the EU does nothing while Erdogan uses EU bribes to fund his war and commit human rights atrocities from the murder of civilians to chemical weapons.

“What price the life of a Kurd?

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“Based on the 1500 euro a day the EU gives to Turkey and the 160,000 Kurdish people now displaced, apparently one cent.

“This is not only a tragedy but a major historical betrayal and I implore this morally bankrupt political bloc to change course.

“It’s funny, everybody in this chamber is in agreement on this.

“So the executive must take heed or prove this Parliament is pointless.”

The Turkish offensive began earlier this month after Donald Trump announced his plans to withdraw US forces from northern Syria.

This would involve resettling up to two million refugees currently in Turkey, in addition to removing Kurdish fighters.

Turkey had threatened to relaunch its assault against the Kurdish fighters but now has said there is “no need”.

Under the new deal between Turkey and Russia, Syrian and Russian forces will immediately oversee the withdrawal of Kurdish forces.

The deal has established plans for joint Turkish-Russian patrols to begin along the border next week.

So far there has been no comment from the Kurdish fighters, who are regarded as terrorists by Turkey.

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