Published On: Thu, Aug 22nd, 2019

Trump news: Mass panic as US Army turn state into ‘warzone’ with unconventional drills | World | News

A series of Special Forces military drills will be staged across 21 different North Carolina counties as part of the annual ‘Robin Sage’ training. The unorthodox exercises are intended to mirror extreme circumstances, with troops live-action roleplaying. Fears that the drills may cause panic among nearby civilians have concerned US officials, who are doing their best to reassure citizens of their safety.

The exercises will take place in heavily populated counties such as Wake, Cumberland and Union in order to best mirror real combat situations.

Special Forces students will battle it out – with blanks – against soldiers from nearby Fort Bragg.

The seasoned troops will be paired with volunteer civilians, who will help with the realism of the exercise.

An Army spokesperson said the Fort Bragg soldiers will “act as realistic opposing forces and guerrilla freedom fighters”.

A release added: “Robin Sage is the U.S. military’s premiere unconventional warfare exercise and the final test of over a year’s worth of training for aspiring Special Forces soldiers.

“Candidates are placed in an environment of political instability characterised by armed conflict, forcing soldiers to analyse and solve problems to meet the challenges of this ‘real-world’ training.”

Officials are desperately handing out advance notice to anyone likely to be affected by the drills starting August 30.

Panic broke out in 2002 when a soldier was killed and another wounded by a deputy officer who thought the exercises were criminal activity.

Five years before, residents were terrified by 100 commandos firing blanks as they attacked a warehouse.

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“Residents with concerns should contact local law enforcement officials, who will immediately contact exercise control officials.”

Fort Bragg Commander Colonel Stuart Farris told ABC11: “We do recognise that it is and can be a nuisance, right?

“Loud noises going off in the middle of the night, especially with the things going on in the world today can scare people.”

There may be a risk of further resident panic due to Special Forces students being advised to wear civilian clothes.

Responses on social media exposed even more fears about the wider implications of the drill.

One wrote: “This is called martial law. This type of activity is not necessary for American citizens to see or partake of.”

Others, meanwhile, asked if US officials were preparing for a civil war.

Similar drills were held in Texas and six other states in 2015 in an exercises called ‘Jade Helm’.

Fuelling similar conspiracy theories, the drill consisted of 1200 troops and was the largest domestic training exercises carried out by the US military.

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