Published On: Thu, Oct 10th, 2019

Tourism crackdown: Venice day-trippers to be slapped with fee to explore city of canals | World | News

The tax will be introduced on July 1 for all tourists arriving by plane, water taxi, cruise ship, trains or coach who are not intending to stay overnight. The money will be used for the upkeep of the city and to “improve the quality of life of residents” they city’s major Luigi Brugnaro said earlier this year. Tourists will have to pay €3 (£2.70) during the low season and €8 (£7.20) during the high season. 

If visiting during “critical” periods including summer weekends they will have to pay €10 (£8.90) to access the World Heritage site which encompasses the city centre and islands of the Venice Lagoon. 

The City Council announced on Thursday the tax had been given the go-ahead after it was first proposed more than a year ago. 

Overnight visitors already pay a tax as part of their accommodation charge. 

Michele Zuin, the municipal councillor for the budget, said people descending on Venice for work or study purposes and those visiting family will not be charged. 

Mr Zuin said: “Venice has developed this new system to make those who visit it for a day take responsibility. 

“It is a courageous choice that involves a careful commitment to this innovative system.” 

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They said the revised system, expected to be up and running two years after the tax is introduced, would charge people according to how busy Venice is on a particular day, as opposed to it being either low or high season. 

In recent months local authorities have escalated their campaign to deter tourists from engaging in disrespectful behaviour. 

This summer saw police hand out 100 fines to tourists for anti-social behaviour in two months. 

In September two Czech men were fined around €3,000 (£2,690) when police came across them skinny dipping in a canal near Piazza San Marco. 

And in June a woman found sunbathing in a bikini was forced to fork out €250 (£224). 

The 23-year-old Canadian holidaymaker was spotted by police after she stripped off to catch some rays in the Papadopoli Gardens, a stone’s throw from Piazzale Roma. 

And a German couple caught making themselves coffee on a portable stove were given a €892 (£800) fine. 

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega. 

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