Published On: Sat, Apr 3rd, 2021

Timecop1983 and Josh Dally on Night Drive, its legacy and writing breakup music | Music | Entertainment

Josh said: “It’s not quite a few people’s ideas. We wanted to make something that was succinct and the music told the story as well as the lyrics.”

After a few listens to Faded Touch, I noticed how sombre and specific some of the track’s lyrics were. It sounded like a visceral breakup album.

I pressed the producers on this, prompting Jordy to say: “This is all yours, Josh!”

The singer revealed: “The lyrics are always something that you write from the heart and you look at after and say: ‘Well, what are they are about?’ I think it’s not necessarily about me going through a breakup, it’s just feelings that are within a lot of people.

“The interesting thing is the song Falling is actually about falling in and out of a relationship… You have to learn how to drop that again because it’s not fair to the person you’re with.

“I think, really, that’s what the songs are about. It’s about being in a relationship where you both love each other… but relationships are really hard. We’ve all had that experience of sleeping on the sofa or whatever, but it’s kind of about those moments for me.”

Jordy broke the tension on call, adding: “For me it was easy! I definitely wanted to make an emotional album. With the instrumentals, I always try to name them according to the feeling of the album so it tells a little story.”

The musicians also said that, originally, the album was going to be a passionate display of true love, before their artistic instincts changed the direction of the music.

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