Published On: Fri, Sep 6th, 2019

The Apple Card can double as an extremely sneaky knife

Seems like modifying the Apple Cards, with their titanium build and all-white finish, is becoming a thing. We spoke with one person who etched the design from the back of a Bicycle playing card onto his Apple Card. Another is going a step further and has sharpened the Apple Card into an actual knife.

See for yourself:

If you now want your own credit card-sized knife, know that there are already options that don’t require you to deface your shiny new Apple Card. There’s this plastic case with a knife and other tools, or another product that folds from a flat, credit card-sized sheet into a knife with a handle.

If you really want to make a knife out of an actual credit card, you don’t have to use an Apple Card — it seems like many credit cards made of metal can be sharpened, too:

That said, we don’t recommend sharpening any credit cards. They are potentially dangerous and aren’t something you should be handing over to cashiers. And, TSA prohibits and is actively looking out for credit card-sized knives at airports, so you might get caught if you try to board an airplane with one.

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