Published On: Mon, Aug 19th, 2019

Tesco Clubcard: Shoppers can claim money on unused vouchers with this trick

For those who regularly shop in store, getting a supermarket membership card, such as a Tesco Clubcard, can give great savings. Every time you shop with a Tesco Clubcard, shoppers will start to build up points which can be turned into cash vouchers. Remembering to use these vouchers can be a challenge but shoppers can claim back all their unused vouchers using this hack. What’s more, shoppers can now spend their points as quickly as 24 hours after earning them.

Those who shop in Tesco will start to collect points each time they swipe their card.

The Tesco explained: “Collect one point for every £1 you spend in-store and online. On fuel it’s one point for every £2 you spend.

“We turn your points into vouchers to help you save on your weekly groceries, fun days out and much more. 150 points gets you a £1.50 voucher.”

Although this may sound like a great deal for those who regularly shop in-store, it can be easy to lose track of vouchers and not actually use them.

According to the Tesco website, there is a way shoppers can claim back all their unused vouchers from the last two years.

The website said: “Your vouchers are valid for two years and you won’t be able to use them once they’ve expired.”

Although they can’t be claimed back if they are over two years old, shoppers could be pleasantly surprised to find how much they still have available to spend.

By logging into their Clubcard account, shoppers can click on the ‘Your Vouchers’ tab which shows a list of all unclaimed vouchers and information on how to get these back.

What’s more, by accessing their Clubcard account online, shoppers can now spend their points sooner than ever so they don’t forget.

Before, shoppers would need to wait until the end of the month before getting the vouchers for the points they earned.

However, shoppers can now claim vouchers in as little as 24 hours after earning the points as Tesco introduced Faster Vouchers.

With this, shoppers can request vouchers online in their Clubcard account or on the Clubcard app.

The Tesco website said: “No more waiting for your next statement – you can request your vouchers via your online Clubcard account or the Clubcard app and spend them in-store, online or with our Reward Partners.”

All shoppers need to do is make sure they have a minimum of 150 points available on their account to request a voucher.

The voucher will then be sent to shoppers registered email addresses for them to use straight away.

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