Published On: Wed, Oct 2nd, 2019

Sweden’s secretive underground bunker hiding warships revealed – PICTURES | World | News

Work on the vast underground fortress began in 1950 and was completed 19 years later by which time more than 1.5 million tons of rock had been removed.

The bunker, which was built to withstand a nuclear attack, has three docks which were originally designed to house destroyers and submarines.

The underground base itself covers an area of several square miles and is connected by 12 miles of underground roads.

Speaking at a reinauguration ceremony this week, Sweden’s Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist said: “It is probably the world’s largest underground base.

“Here we have a very important and unique resource that we can develop in different ways.”

Swedish naval command said the new location would offer greater freedom of manoeuvre for its maritime defence operations.

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Navy commander Jens Nykvis Nykvist said: “The goal is that we should sit inside the mountain to increase safety.

“The mountain is an impressive facility that it feels wise to utilise.

“This is important, it is a big thing for us. It is a great advantage not to be lumped together in the city.

“The decentralisation plan reduces vulnerability and enhances tactical possibilities.”

The Swedes slashed their military spending at the end of the Cold War from about 2.5 percent of GDP to barely 1 percent by 2010 as the threat of an attack from the east diminished.

But Russia’s occupation and annexation of Crimea and subsequent sabre-rattling from a Vladimir Putin’s emboldened Defence Ministry have sent shivers down the spines of Stockholm’s national security chiefs.

Niklas Granholm, a senior analyst at the Swedish Defence Research Agency, said Crimea “changed things completely”.

He said: “It showed that this is what Russia does to its smaller neighbours.

“Now it is proving a difficult and long-term task to rebuild the armed forces.

“The move is based on the calculation that the Russians could use powerful weapons which demand the level of protection that only Muskö can provide.”

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