Published On: Fri, Aug 30th, 2019

Storm Dorian track latest: Florida forecaster warns ‘whopper’ storm will get EVEN stronger | World | News

Hurricane Dorian has been steadily making its way toward Florida, sparking concern the superstorm could make landfall as a Category 4 hurricane on southeast Florida as early as Sunday. With wind speeds increasing, Florida weather forecaster Tom Terry warned locals Dorian is growing “stronger,” as he said to expect heavy rain as the storm closes in. In his latest update, Mr Terry said: “Dorian still getting organised, still getting stronger and still closing in on southeast Florida.

“We think the landfall will be perhaps later on Monday, maybe even early Tuesday.

“Wind speeds have gone up – not good news from Sunday night through Monday night.”

The Florida forecaster continued: “The landfall point will be down across southeast Florida somewhere.

“We’re going to get a lot of wind, a lot of rain starting late Monday until at least Tuesday, maybe Wednesday next week.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Thursday declared a state of emergency throughout the state’s 67 counties.

Warm weather over the Atlantic is expected to strengthen Storm Dorian as it pushes away from Puerto Rico and the British and US Virgin Islands, where the superstorm wreaked havoc earlier this week.

National Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham warned “people have got to be ready before Sunday” for increasingly strong winds pummelling the US state.

Hurricane Dorian is expected to be on Florida’s doorstep on Monday morning, and heading is very gradually turning toward the left, with the latest estimate northwestward.

The high is expected to expand westward, with a blocking ridge becoming established over the western Atlantic during the next several days.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administratio (NOAA)’s latest bulletin said: “The high is expected to expand westward, with a blocking ridge becoming established over the western Atlantic during the next several days.

“With the exception of COAMPS-TC and HMON, the other reliable models are in excellent agreement through day 3, with Dorian turning westward south of the ridge and moving near or over the northernmost islands in the Bahamas Sunday and Monday.

“After day 3, steering currents collapse as a break develops in the ridge, and Dorian will likely slow down considerably as it approaches the Florida peninsula.

“There is more spread among the deterministic models and their ensemble members during that time, with disagreement on exactly when and where Dorian will turn northwestward and northward on days 4 and 5.”

Dorian smashed into the British and US Virgin Islands as a category 1 hurricane on Wednesday and track path maps have been showing the superstorm making its way toward Florida. 

Although NOAA adds it’s too early to determine exactly where Dorian will make landfall, the spaghetti models continues show a more narrow tracking cone.

Regardless of the exact track of Dorian, heavy rains are expected to occur over portions of the Bahamas, Florida, and elsewhere in the southeastern US this weekend and into the middle of next week.

Currently, Hurricane Dorian is located 295 miles (470km) east-northeast of the southeastern Bahamas and 580 miles (930km) east of the northwestern Bahamas.

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