Published On: Fri, Dec 13th, 2019

State pension age? Martin Lewis warns one million pensioners may miss out on £140 discount | Personal Finance | Finance

Martin Lewis appeared on Good Morning Britain yesterday, sharing some of this latest money saving tips. During the instalment, the founder of Money Saving Expert explained how some people may be eligible to get the Warm Home Discount. This is available to some state pension recipients – with these people being those who get the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit.

Under the Warm Home Discount Scheme, an eligible person could get £140 off their electricity bill for winter 2019 to 2020.

This money is not paid directly to them, however, but instead it is a one-off discount on the electricity bill between September and March.

If a person’s supplier provides them with both gas and electricity, it may be that they are able to get the discount on their gas bill instead.

Yesterday, Mr Lewis told ITV viewers: “This is the Warm Home Discount, that’s been around a long time but it’s a pertinent time for talking about it.

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“It’s a £140 rebate you get put onto your energy bill between September and March. Lots of people missing out.”

Mr Lewis went on to detail who is eligible for this scheme. explains that there are two ways to qualify for the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

One way is if a person gets the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit – and these people are known as being in the “core group”.


Alternatively, if a person is on a low income and they meet their energy supplier’s criteria for the scheme, they may qualify.

These people are known as being in the “broader group”.

“Yet one million pensioners don’t claim Pension Credit,” Mr Lewis said. states that if on July 7, 2019 the energy supplier was part of the scheme, they or their partner’s name was on the bill, and they were getting the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, they qualify for the discount.

Mr Lewis went on to explain that claiming Pension Credit could enable the eligible person to benefit from other schemes and things they’re entitled to get.

“It’s a real gateway, Pension Credit.”

The financial broadcaster explained that in addition to potentially benefiting from the Warm Home Discount Scheme, some Pension Credit claimans could also get a free TV licence next year.

He continued: “A million people missing out. If you’re a low income pensioner or you know someone who is, call the Pension Credit hotline and check whether you’re eligible.

“It won’t help with your Warm Home Discount this year, but it will help you for next year.”

Mr Lewis also detailed how those in the broader group may be able to get the discount.

In this situation, a person must get certain means-tested benefits and Mr Lewis added that it is “up to the company to decide its exact qualifying criteria”.

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