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Reports have suggested the government is currently in talks to rise the state pension age to 75. In November 2018, the State Pension age was 65 for men and women. However, this has now changed and when you receive your State Pension depends on when you were born. Read on to find out when you’ll get your state pension.

How to find out when you’ll get your pension?

A new system was introduced on April 6, 2016, to help you understand how much of a state pension you will receive. 

To qualify, you need at least ten years of National Insurance contributions when you reach your state pension age. 

Those who qualified for the basic State Pension continue to receive it. 

However, after 2016, instead of the basic State Pension, new claimants receive the new State Pension.

Currently, the government website allows you to check what the earliest age is you can start receiving your state pension.

However, they note the State Pension age is currently under review, and may change in the future. 

Will the age you can receive your state pension change?

The state pension age may be increased to 75 over the next 16 years, a new report claims.

Iain Duncan Smith’s think tank – which was behind the creation of the Universal Credit scheme – is recommending the the age for the state pension rises from 67 to 75.

Pension age would go up to 70 only nine years from now as the plan phases in. 

It’s likely those born between March 6, 1961 and April 5, 1997, would be the first people to be affected by the change.

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