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Star Wars 9 Skywalker: ‘Rey is the female GOOD side of the Force’ Prepare for a backlash | Films | Entertainment

The entire backlash against The Last Jedi is hugely complicated by the involvement of vocal minorities displaying disturbing misogyny. However, it is difficult to point out one single male character in the movie who acted rationally with unsullied heroism and no self-interest. Poe Dameron disobeyed orders and got people killed, Finn disobeyed orders, Luke Skywalker was petulant and unhelpful in the present and revealed to possibly be a red-eyed nephew-murderer in the past. Kylo Ren was an emotionally unstable egomaniac, General Hux was an emotionally unstable psychopath, Benicio del Toro’s character was an unreliable backstabber and Snoke was the worst of all. All of them driven and undermined by their own emotions. By contrast, Leia, Holdo, Rose (plus her dead, self-sacrificing sister) and Rey are constantly striving for the greater good, rising above their own personal needs and wishes.

But will The Rise of Skywalker really go one step further and reveal Rey as the salvation of the galaxy because she represents the female balance to the Force?

The always-excellent Star Wars section on Inverse asked readers to send in their ideas and highlighted this one from Brian Lucas. No relation to George, we assume.

Brian boldly says: “What if this balance is less about the dark side and light side of the Force and more about (or at least equally about) gender equality of the Force? In today’s culture, there can’t truly be balance within a male-dominated power structure. There has to be a female power narrative as well.”

Brian suggests Rey will bring “balance to the force by not only defeating Palpatine but also the pervasive male power structure of the force in the Star Wars universe.”

“Case in point… Avengers: Endgame when the female characters band together in the final fight sequence and shift the outcome of the battle…

“In a Star Wars universe perspective, balance in the force will be achieved by defeating Palpatine and the dark and light will be absorbed into a singular vision of the force…male and female / dark and light…which will no longer be exclusively within the Skywalker bloodline. Balance brings inclusivity.”

Brian takes it even further and suggests Rey was also the result of an immaculate conception, just like Anakin: “If Anakin is the male side of the prophecy, Rey is the female side, hence bringing balance to the force.”

He even goes yet another, controversial step further…

Brian theorises that Rey was created in Leia’s womb. Leia either hides the truth from Han or he refuses to believe her and that is why he leaves. Rey is then taken to Jakku for her own safety, just like Luke was to Tatooine. This also explains the link between Rey and Kylo. 

Leia bearing Rey is not impossible, but hugely problematic and also unnecessarily complicated.

As for the main theory, it is intriguing and certainly original but carries the worrying implication that the male side is ‘bad.’ If Disney and Lucasfilm thought they had problems with parts of the fanbase after The Last Jedi, it would be a drop in the sand compared to this.


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