Published On: Fri, Aug 30th, 2019

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0-0-0, also known as Triple Zero was a droid antagonist introduced in the Star Wars comic Darth Vader 3: Vader, Part III.

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the rogue archaeologist Chelli Aphra stole Triple Zero’s personality matrix from quarantine on Quarantine World III. Aphra inserted the matrix into a 3P0 protocol droid’s body and activated the matrix, awakening Triple Zero in a new body.Triple Zero’s personality matrix had been developed several centuries before the Battle of Yavin. The matrix was an incredibly dangerous, with a tendency to kill and drain organic beings.

Triple Zero was fluent in an R&D droid language used by the Tarkin initiative, as a result he was one of the few droids who could communicate with the blastomech BT-1 assassin droid.

As Aprha was an agent of Darth Vader, Triple Zero also worked for Lord Vader before Aprha fell out of favor with the Sith Lord and left his service. Triple Zero later became a crime lord on Son-tuul, leading the Son-tuul Pride.

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