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Star Wars 9 ending: ‘Rey is PREGNANT by Kylo Ren’ in final scenes | Films | Entertainment

The Skywalker Saga is finally over. Or is it? Is there really a new heir to the dynasty on the way? Reylo fans had been waiting for years for the pesky pair to finally get together and Episode IX delivered some major emotional catharsis before swiftly following with yet more devastation. Did one incredibly powerful moment actually indicate Rey is pregnant? WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS

There are four major clues that the Skywalker line lives on in more than just spirit, impressively argued on Quora by Star Wars and Game of Thrones expert Kelsey L Hayes.

Firstly, that moment when Kylo Ren heals Rey. He lays his hands on her stomach and pours his essence into her.  Some fans now believe he actually planted new life in her.

Secondly, this has been done before when Palpatine created Anakin so it is very much canon. In both cases, rather less comfortably, neither woman had any idea at the time.

Thirdly, it would then also help explain why Ben Solo did not appear as a Force Ghost at the end.

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OK, there is certainly some merit in aspects of the phantom pregnancy theory.

However, there are also some major problems with it. Two in particular.

Firstly, that whole issue of consent and awareness. Evil Palpatine is expected to do dastardly things like remotely impregnate an innocent woman.

Kylo has just been redeemed back to Ben. Such an action would not be acceptable from him nor in the ever-evolving Hollywood landscape of what is acceptable on-screen.

Any attempts down the line to try and rewrite Ren’s understanding of what was going on would also seem impossibly forced and clunky. Then again, Episode 9 did blatantly and clunkily rewrite elements of Episode 8…

Finally, it is not just the Skywalker bloodline that dies with Kylo Ren.

The Palpatine bloodline ends with Rey. Any baby would mean Palpatine’s genes live on. Of course, this also means Rey can’t have a baby with anyone else at all.

It feels like the Skywalker saga is properly complete – and much of this was the issue of generations and dealing with the legacy of those who came before.

A new saga in ten or twenty years, tackling the legacy of another troubled bloodline doesn’t sound so bad. Especially if there are twins…



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