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Spider Man Far From Home Blu-ray: Marvel movie has hour extended scene | Films | Entertainment

Spider-Man Far From Home has been hit with controversy after it was announced its parent company Sony Pictures and Disney could not agree on a deal for the next film. But fans are focusing on the good things, which includes an hour of extended footage on the Blu-ray edition of the film. Now all you have to do is get your hands on it – and that is not too tough an ask.

When is Spider-Man Far From Home out on DVD and Blu-ray?

Spider-Man Far From Home has been out to download in the USA since September 17 on Amazon and iTunes.

The film will be available to purchase on Blu-ray and DVD from October 1, whihc includes 4K resolution as well.

At the moment, the UK release date has not been fully confirmed, but it is likely to coincide with the America release date.

What extra footage is on the Blu-ray of Spider-Man Far From Home?

There is an hour of extra footage on the Blu-ray of Spider-Man Far From Home.

One of best known is a short called Peter’s To-Do List, which was included in the rerelease of Spider-Man Far From Home.

USA fans would have had the chance to watch the extra scene, while UK fans will now get their chance once they buy the film to take home.

At present, it is unknown whether this extra footage will be shown in sequence with the film, or whether it will be a DVD extra.

As well as this, there will also be a blooper reel and deleted scenes, one of which will likely be a scene included in the original trailer.

In the trailer a scene showed Spider-Man fighting some heavies with guns in an empty restaurant.

He cleverly strings them up to the ceiling with his web, and jokes with the police that he has no time to be the new Iron Man as he is “too busy doing your jobs.”

Spider-Man then tells them he is on vacation, which will lead in to his arrival back at school and the announcement of a European trip with his schoolmates.

Again it is unclear whether this scene will be tacked onto the film, or be included as an extra scene.

Extra to this and other deleted scenes is Mr Harrington and Mr Dell, presenting a few tips on how to survive the European trip.

There are also bonus features looking at Nick Fury and Agent Hill, the cast discussing their experiences filming on location, an examination of Spidey’s different suits, and behind the scenes footage of Tom Holland and director Jon Watts.

Finally, there is a featurette about what the future holds for Spider-Man, in the context of Tom Holland’s casting and how he was introduced into the MCU.

Will Spider-Man be in Marvel films?

This future is currently a little uncertain, as Sony Pictures and Disney have been unable to agree on terms for a co-production of the next film.

If this doesn’t change, it may be the case that Spider-Man is no longer in the Marvel films, as Kevin Feige will no longer serve as producer.

Tom Holland has recently spoken out on this, saying he believes Spider-Man is in “safe hands” with Sony.

He is currently contracted for a further film in the Spidey suit, but at present this may be a Sony-only production.

Spider-Man Far From Home comes out on DVD and Blu-ray on October 1

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