Published On: Wed, Aug 28th, 2019

Sky viewers declare they will ‘never tune in again’ after Kay Burley ‘patronises’ Queen | UK | News

The Queen has approved an order to prorogue parliament no earlier than September 9 and no later September 12 until October 14. The manoeuvre has been seen as an effort to reduce the time parliament would have to block a no deal Brexit. The veteran Sky presenter was in conversation with Brexiteer Pauline Latham when she suddenly burst into a ferocious tirade, claiming Boris Johnson was a dragging a “94-year-old woman” on her “holidays” into politics.

She snapped: “How totally inappropriate to drag a 94-year-old woman who’s on her holidays into politics.

“How totally inappropriate to get Her Majesty to sign a privy order because Boris doesn’t think he can get his deal over the line otherwise.”

Appearing rather taken aback, her guest replied: “Well, he hasn’t got a deal at the moment.

“And I think the Queen would take exception to the way you’ve described her.”

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But Ms Burley shot back: “I don’t think she would – that’s exactly what she is.”

Ms Latham hesitantly continued: “She is on her holidays and lots of us are in recess and we’re not working to the same extent we would be normally.

“But we’re only talking about a few days of parliamentary time and she knows that that is her role.

“She has to advise the Prime Minister and I’m sure they will have had a very lengthy discussion.”

Another fumed: “How aggressive are you, talking about the Queen like she was an old feeble woman being hassled when we all know how capable she is and wasn’t dragged into anything but just doing her duty.”

One went so far as to declare: “I’ve seen and heard over 40 years of TV interviews and have to say your performance with the lady Conservative MP on your show was a complete disgrace, and will never tune in to your show again…”

Another simply noted: “What has the Queen’s age got to do with anything?”

A petition demanding that moves to suspend Parliament are halted has hit 100,000 signatures, meaning it will be debated by MPs.

The petition on Parliament’s website amassed the number required less than three hours after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced he planned to prorogue Parliament in order to push through his new domestic agenda.

Any petition that secures 10,000 signatures is guaranteed a government response and 100,000 names forces a debate in Parliament.

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