Published On: Fri, Aug 16th, 2019

Russia plane crash latest: 23 injuries after Ural aeroplane crash near Moscow | World | News

The plane was carrying 234 people and no fatalities have yet been report. But, as per Newsweek, 23 injuries have been reported including nine children aged between two and nine. The crash took place just after take-off on Wednesday after a flock of birds flew into the engines triggering a fire.

Film taken after the landing shows concerned passengers thanking the seven member crew,

One woman can be heard shouting: “Thank you to the pilot, and the cabin crew” and another says “thank you so much” as passengers applaud next a stewardess in tears.

A male passenger who filmed events said: “I can’t explain it, it was heart-stopping. It was really, really crazy.”

Passenger All Lyetyashaya explained: “we were told that there were sparks, but I didn’t see any myself. Then we just started to descend.

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“The flight attendants acted calmly, were competent, didn’t shout, did a great job. But as for the passengers—there were many children—it was just a nightmare. They were all screaming like you would see in a film. The flight attendants calmly evacuated the plane, a big thank you to them.

“Everything’s OK. We are all happy we are still alive. It’s a miracle, thanks to the pilot.”

Ural Airlines tweeted: “Birds got into both engines. The engines turned off and the crew carried out the landing, one kilometer away from the runway.”

The airline flies to several destinations throughout Europe and Asia.

It is to begin serving London Stansted in late October.

Ural was part of Aeroflot when it was the USSR’s national airline.

Reports claim it transported 9 million passengers last year.

It currently has a fleet of 46 aircraft.

The flight that was involved in the crash, Flight 178 was flown by an Airbus A321.

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