Published On: Wed, Aug 14th, 2019

Russia missile latest: Kremlin speaks out on suspected nuclear missile explosion | World | News

The explosion, which killed at least five people last Thursday during a test, has since caused widespread international speculation the accident involved a nuclear-powered missile. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to confirm the involvement of a cruise missile known as the Burevestnik or Skyfall at the test site in Nyonoska. He said: “Accidents, unfortunately, happen. They are tragedies. But in this particular case, it is important for us to remember those heroes who lost their lives in this accident.”

Mr Peskov denied the mishap would set back Russia’s efforts to develop its military capabilities.

He later repeated assertions by President Vladimir Putin that Russia’s technological developments remained “considerably far ahead of the level other countries have managed to achieve.”

Donald Trump claimed on Twitter the US was “learning much from the failed missile explosion”.

He also claimed the US had similar, but more advanced, technology.

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In response Mr Peskov said: “It would certainly would be quite strange if a country, a world superpower that spends more money on defence than all the rest of the countries of the world, was not involved in such projects.”

Russia’s state atomic energy company, Rosatom, confirmed five of its nuclear specialists were killed in the incident.

The total casualty count is still being confirmed.

There were conflicting reports and concerns about the consequences of the incident on nearby residents.

Russia’s defence Ministry claimed radiation levels were normal but local authorities reported a brief spike in radiation following the incident.

Mr Peskov said: “I can just assure you that in such a situation all the competent agencies do everything to assure the safety of the citizens of the Russian Federation is fully provided.”

It was confirmed radiation levels were up to 16 times above the norm in the village which has a population of 500.

Russia will evacuate the village close to last week’s mystery explosion while work is undertaken at the missile testing ground where the incident occurred.

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