Published On: Sat, Aug 17th, 2019

Royal news: The real reason Prince Harry has grown fond of his father revealed | Royal | News

According to Robert Jobson, journalist and author of several best-sellers, the Duke grew closer to his father as a result of Meghan’s presence. Writing in Charles at Seventy, Jobson notes: “Indeed, many believe Harry’s newfound warmth towards his father is due to the prince’s new bride. “William, too, has been known to be far from deferential towards Charles.

“More than that, it is her newfound relationship with Charles that is proving to be key.”

Charles is thought to have commended Meghan, holding her in high regard.

And, Jobson reports that an official palace source said: “When Meghan met the Prince of Wales she was bowled over by his gentlemanly charm.

“She told Prince Harry he was wonderful; welcoming, warm, hardworking, kind and stable.

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“She made it clear that he should appreciate him and bond more.”

Her comments obviously had a profound impact on Harry, as she has helped him to “reconnect” with Prince Charles.

Sources even claim that Meghan urged Prince Harry to “look after the loving parent you have left”.

Prince Charles has reportedly been quietly impressed by Meghan’s smooth integration into the family.

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He allegedly said to friends: “She is so intelligent and so nice. We could not like her more.”

Since Meghan has made clear efforts to integrate herself and learn more about the royal way of life.

A source told the Daily Mail: “The Duchess has shown a genuine interest in learning more about the history of the family she married into, and her father-in-law has been delighted to impart his knowledge.”

The two have reportedly engaged in deep conversation about art, culture and history, and have developed a “close bond”.

Their relationship has grown and strengthened since the royal wedding in 2018, where Prince Charles walked Meghan down the aisle.

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