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Royal news: Queen Elizabeth’s devastating blow she was once dealt to Tony Blair revealed | Royal | News

During those years, the Queen was forced to remind one particular Prime Minister over one particular moment. Tony Blair became Prime Minister of the country in 1997, a position which he kept for 10 years.  Despite having the position for such a long time, Mr Blair was once put in his place by the Queen following one comment.

Writing in her book, ‘The Queen and Di: The Untold Story’, royal biographer, Ingrid Seward revealed the moment when the Queen had to remind Mr Blair of her own Jubilee.

Referencing an earlier moment whereby the Queen used her royal “prerogative so forcefully”, over a trip to Ghana in 1961, Ms Seward illuminated the moment when Mr Blair and Her Majesty clashed.

She wrote: “She was just as quick to put Prime Minister Tony Blair in his place when, on a visit to Balmoral in 1999, he said to his sovereign that, with only three years to go, it was time to starts making plans ‘for the Golden Jubilee’.

“The Queen interpreted this as an attempt to hijack the arrangements.

“She sternly reminded him: ‘Mr Golden Jubilee, Mr Blair’.”

Such has been the length of time as Monarch, that Her Majesty has become adept and adjusting to scenarios.

As Ms Seward referenced, that the Queen once remained “unaffected” when someone had fired a blank shot towards during the Trooping of the Colour.

Although as Ms Seward says, the Queen is at first, “unimposing” she exudes what they call “majesty”.

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Those meetings are always confidential and should never be uttered outside the meeting.

As Michael Cockerell once said: “It has never ever leaked from Buckingham Palace what the Queen has said to a Prime Minister or a Prime Minister to the Queen.”

However, in the footage of the event, the Queen can be seen to look completely shocked as Mr Blair spoke of what had been said during their private meeting.

In his speech in front of the invited guests, Mr Blair said: “Actually your majesty’s closing words to me at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday at the end of our weekly session were, ‘Please don’t be too effusive’.”

Upon making his announcement, the Queen can be seen to look completely shocked.

Mr Cockerell added that at times Mr Blair tended to “like to be matey with everyone”.

Moreover, in Mr Blair own memoirs, he noted: “Sometimes you can let her be matey with you, but you should never try and do that with her.

“Because if you do you then get the look.”

The two had a very strained relationship during Mr Blair’s time as Prime minister.

Moreover, the Queen didn’t agree with his disregard for tradition and was concerned by some of the policies he instituted.

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