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Royal news: Princess Diana: The heartbreaking reason she bonded with Mother Teresa | Royal | News

Diana reportedly bonded with Mother Teresa over their shared commitment to helping the poor and vulnerable members of society. The late princess met the Saint at the Missionary of Charity convent in Calcutta in 1992. Diana experienced a “spiritual awakening” after a meeting with Mother Teresa which deeply inspired her, according to former butler Paul Burrell.

Mother Teresa gifted Diana with a rosary which was reportedly bought to the hospital following her death in 1997, according to the Daily Mail.

The rosary beads were placed in her hands along with a picture of her sons which she carried everywhere.

Mother Teresa said: “Diana was extremely sympathetic to poor people – and very lively, and homely, too. All the sisters and I are praying for her and for all members of her family.”

In the two times they met, the pair has prayed together which reportedly gave Diana strength during her turbulent separation from Prince Charles.

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Mr Burrell wrote in his 2006 book The Way We Were: Remembering Diana: “She suddenly discovered a stronger, independent self.

“With a sense of new-found freedom and identity, she embraced the chance to take on a new role.”

He claims Diana believed “the self must know stillness before it can discover its true song”.

This was an experience which “steered her on to a more humanitarian and spiritual path”.

Mr Burrell claims Calcutta had a “profound effect on the boss”.

He said: “She came away believing she had a mission to help the sick and the dying wherever she was in the world.

“It was her responsibility, she said, to make a difference.”

According to the biography, Diana wrote down her thoughts and emotions about the trip to India which she shared with Mr Burrell years later.

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