Published On: Fri, Oct 4th, 2019

Roger Federer retirement claim made by agent Tony Godsick: ‘It would make my job easier’ | Tennis | Sport

Roger Federer’s agent Tony Godsick is looking forward to an easy life when the Swiss star retires.

For over a decade Federer has been quizzed on when he will be calling it a day.

However, the 20-time Grand Slam winner continues to be one of the most dominant forces on the ATP tour.

At world No 3, the 38-year-old feels he can still win the biggest tournaments and strengthen his legacy further.

And Godsick agrees his client has the desire and will to continue playing tennis.

“I would also like to know that because it would make my job much easier,” Godsick told Credit Suisse about Federer’s retirement.

“Roger does not know it himself. One of the reasons why he does not want to talk about resignation or think – he has already stressed several times.

“As soon as you think about it, you are already standing with a foot between the hook and is on the way to retirement.

“I’ve heard that he used phrases like ‘as long as I’m healthy, as long as my family agrees to travel while I’m still training”.

“If that’s not the case anymore, he’ll say, ‘Ok, it’s time to step down’. But we’re not talking about it, because we do not want to face the truth that it’s going to happen someday, sooner rather than later.

“Let me express it with an analogy from the Gulf: He is currently playing the last nine holes of his career.

“Whether he is at the 16th or 17th hole, I do not know. But just look at this year’s Wimbledon final: Roger is fantastic. So why should he stop as long as he stays injury free?”

Godsick still plans to work with Federer when the star retires.

“I’m also looking forward to working more with Roger on business,” he added.

“I am convinced that he and Team 8 will have tremendous opportunities.

“I’ve never met anyone who can do so much with so much success – be it on the court, off the court, in the family environment.”

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