Published On: Sun, Dec 29th, 2019

Retirement and me: Woman with less than full state pension on how she avoids using savings | Personal Finance | Finance

“It pulled me through, because I had to get up. I had to go to work, and I had to talk to people.

Sue currently claims the state pension, however due to her National Insurance record, she doesn’t get the full amount.

Due to her date of birth, Sue has the state pension age at 60, and claimed the payment at this age.

While she clearly enjoys the role, Sue works for financial reasons and wants to continue to work whilst she’s physically able to in order to top up her retirement savings while she still can.

“The money obviously, is very handy, because once I do retire, I shall be on almost only on a state pension,” she says.

“I have savings behind me, but also by working, I’m using the money that I earn now and I’m not cutting my savings – and so they will be there for when I do finally give up [work].”

Commenting on the analysis, Stuart Lewis, Founder of Rest Less, said: “Our population is growing and people are living longer, healthier lives.

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