Published On: Sun, Aug 18th, 2019

Retirement and me: ‘No pension’ Why one woman started a business at age 61 | Personal Finance | Finance

Think of retirement and some may think of taking up a new skill or enjoying getaways with loved ones. However at the age of 61, 12 years ago, Katharine Graves decided to start her own business. The entrepreneur is the founder of KGHypnobirthing and has gone on to write The Hypnobirthing Book. At the age of 73, she currently works full-time on her business.

Previously a homemaker and mother, she has explained that she decided to start her own business in her later years out of “necessity”.

In an exclusive interview for courtesy of Wix, she said: “As I’m divorced and live on my own with no pension, I would have wound up becoming bored and lonely if I stayed idle.”

So what is the entrepreneur’s business all about?

“Hypnobirthing enables women to have shorter, more comfortable labours, and I have personally trained about 3000 women, while our teachers have trained 1000s more,” she said.

“We have about 800 registered teachers who we have trained in the UK and internationally.

“We run in-house courses in many hospitals to train midwives, as well as offer the course online.”

Does she have any advice or tips for others who also hope to start up a business during their later years?

“You’re likely to be better at it and are better equipped to do it than when you were younger – particularly as you no longer have children to distract you,” she insisted.

“Enjoy it. Retirement can be boring and running your own business is much more fun and satisfying.”

Setting up the organisation later on in her life has had some particular benefits, she said.

“The biggest advantage is that I no longer have dependent children.

“I have met a few slings and arrows in life already, come in contact with many different businesses, and have had to solve many different problems.

“Plus, I am more confident in decision making, and people regard me as having more gravitas.”

But what about challenges, has she had to overcome any difficulties related to becoming an entrepreneur in her 60s?

“I have not received personal prejudice; however, it is almost impossible to raise finance at the age of 70 which is prejudice by the financial institutions on the account of age,” she pointed out.

“The primary problem is that people my age tend to socialise in the daytime when I am unavailable.

“Apart from finance, I don’t think there are any [disadvantages to starting a business during one’s later years].

“It’s likely that as I’m older, people notice me more as I don’t dye my hair and try to pretend that I am younger than I am.”

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