Published On: Mon, Aug 26th, 2019

Remainer alliance implodes: Corbyn and Swinson on verge of major fall-out on Brexit block | Politics | News

The Liberal Democrat leader has refused to back Mr Corbyn as the leader of an interim government as he fails to command the support of the House of Commons. Ms Swinson has instead thrown her weight behind Tory grandee Ken Clarke or Labour’s Harriet Harman for a temporary solution to stop a no deal Brexit. In a letter to the Labour leader, she said: “Insisting you lead that emergency Government will jeopardise the chances of a no confidence vote gaining enough support to pass in the first place.

“You have said you will do anything to avoid a no deal, I hope you are open to a discussion about how conceding this point may open the door to a no confidence vote succeeding.” 

But Labour and Mr Corbyn have rejected the calls, saying it should be the leader of the opposition who spearheads the movement.

The new Liberal Democrat leader has been called out for refusing to back a solution which could prevent Boris Johnson’s hardline stance from succeeding.

She has also been accused of putting pressure on the Queen to get involved in what could lead to a constitutional dilemma. 

Speaking to Sky News, shadow international trade secretary Barry Gardiner said: “It is extremely petulant of Jo Swinson the other day to come out and dismiss this proposal in the way that she did, it sounded as if she couldn’t take yes for an answer.

“If Jo Swinson wants to propel Her Majesty into a constitutional crisis where instead of inviting the leader of the opposition to form a new Government she invites somebody else who is not the leader of a political party, then that would be forcing the monarchy into a very embarrassing and difficult judgement call that they would have to make.

“The natural way of doing this is for the leader of the opposition to be the person called into that position and that’s what should happen.” 

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There were said to be around 100 Tories who could be prepared to bring down the Government, but support has waned. 

Remain sympathiser Sir Oliver Letwin claimed he would not support a motion if it meant passing Mr Corbyn the keys to Number Ten.

Senior advisers believe the Prime Minister will even have enough support to win a no confidence vote when one is tabled.

Tories have previously said Mr Johnson could stay on as leader if he loses a no confidence vote to see through his visions of delivering Brexit. 

There have also been whispers in Whitehall that the Government are planning to call an election for mid-October, using the election as a people vs politicians battle against anti-Brexit groups. 

Just yesterday, the Observer revealed the Prime Minister had asked the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox over the legality of shutting down Parliament.

Leaked emails show he is looking into proroguing parliament around September 9 with proceedings set to resume around the final EU summit on October 17. 

This would then be too late for anti-Brexiteers to prevent a no deal scenario. 

But Downing Street sources denied the rumours, adding they were not planning to suspend parliament in September. 

A spokesman said: “The claim that the government is considering proroguing parliament in September in order to stop MPs debating Brexit is entirely false.”

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