Published On: Tue, Sep 3rd, 2019

Queen HUGE news for fans: Brian May announces NEW ALBUM | Music | Entertainment

Queen + Adam Lambert have just completed the first leg of a mammoth new stadium tour. After the North American dates, the band is taking a break for a few months before hitting the road in Australia and Asia. UK and European fans still have a nervous wait to find out if the tour will make it over here. However, May just dropped some huge news that will thrill fans wherever in the world they are.

The songwriter and guitarist keeps his million Instagram followers regularly updated with his life on and off stage.

May was explaining to fans he needed a few days to recover from the end of the tour: “The return to ‘normal’ life plus East-bound jet lag always wipes me out. It’s such a massive adjustment – it’s like my body and soul go into a kind of leaden disbelief. So I kinda shut down – and I just don’t feel capable of putting out stuff to the world…

In the quietness of life back home it feels like it was all a dream – but a dream with some very wonderful moments. For me, I need a few more days of detox from iPhone and social media.”

And then, right at the end of the heartfelt post, he casually dropped absolutely enormous news.

May wrote: “These images are a little soft – it’s because I took them from a video message I made for an ad – which you might see later – for an album – to be announced later !! With love – Bri.’

One fan’s upper case two-word response summed it up: “NEW ALBUM!”

May and Queen bandmate Roger Taylor have constantly debated whether or not there would ever be any new material from the band. New frontman Adam Lambert has also added his opinion. Ultimately it has usually boiled down to a rather vague “never say never.”

So, what does this new tease from May mean?

All the videos, photographs and social media posts from the North American tour have reinforced what a huge undertaking it was, with more dates still to come.

It seems difficult to believe the band would have had any time – or energy – to work on new material in the middle of such a hectic schedule.

What seems much more likely is that there could be a live album on the way, recorded at some of the shows on the tour.

That sounds pretty good to us…

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