Published On: Wed, Oct 30th, 2019

Queen Elizabeth II: Unearthed pictures show similarities to Princess Charlotte and George

Queen Elizabeth II has been the monarch for 66 years and is recognisable for her colourful coats and white gloves. However, unearthed pictures of the Queen, Prince Charles and Princess Margaret give a look at the royals when they were just children.

Kate Middleton has released many pictures of Princess Charlotte on special occasions and it seems she has taken inspiration from photos of the Queen.

When photographing Charlotte on her second birthday, the young Princess looks very similar to her great-grandmother.

As well as being dressed in similar designs, the family resemblance can be seen in their features.

Another snap shows a similar dress sense between the two as Queen Elizabeth II is photographed wearing a kilt in 1941.


Her kilt and jumper ensemble is one which has been copied by Princess Charlotte, who wore a blue tartan skirt and grey jumper in photos released on her fourth birthday.

Photos of the Queen and Princess Margaret show the sisters had a close relationship and this is something Princess Charlotte seems to have with her siblings now.

When Charlotte is spotted out with Prince George or Prince Louis, the siblings appear close and seem to have a close relationship.

Both royals could have been dressed in the formal style when they were young to prepare for their important role, with both in line to become King one day.

Prince Charles has a long haircut similar to Prince George’s and they have similar facial features and the same mischievous grin.

The pictures of the young royals show the same style choices which are still being used from what royals wore many years ago.

Strong family resemblance between the royals are also highlighted in the pictures.

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