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Queen: Brian May shares heartbreaking post about band’s tour ‘I’m not over it yet’ | Music | Entertainment

Brian May has been an integral part of mammoth rock band Queen ever since it began in the 1970s.

The band member has since been voted the seventh greatest guitarist of all time, before being ranked number 26 on Rolling Stone’s list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”.

Following the band’s latest tour, May has now shared an emotional post on his official Instagram page.

Sharing two close up images of himself in view of his 1.9 million followers, the musician revealed it’s been a hard slog trying to decompress afterwards.

Despite that, the guitarist insisted it’s been a “dream” to perform with the band.

He began: Hi folks. Thanks for the messages. Apologies for my quietness.

“The return to ‘normal’ life plus East-bound jet lag always wipes me out.

“It’s such a massive adjustment – it’s like my body and soul go into a kind of leaden disbelief.”

The star continued: “So I kinda shut down – and I just don’t feel capable of putting out stuff to the world.

“I’m not over it yet, but I didn’t want you to think that suddenly I don’t care.”

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“I just don’t have it in me right now,” May went on. “So I thought I’d post this unrealised (I think) stereo from somewhere back out there on tour – as a token ‘do-it-yourself’ offer, if anybody’s interested!

The singer then shared his thanks to the fans for their “understanding” during the gruelling time as the band toured the USA.

“In the quietness of life back home it feels like it was all a dream,” May noted. “But a dream with some very wonderful moments.

“For me, I need a few more days of detox from iPhone and social media. But I will be back, IIS.

“Take care out there,” the star added. “These images are a little soft.

“It’s because I took them from a video message I made for an ad – which you might see later – for an album – to be announced later!! With love – Bri.”

Fans are already excited about the new music to come from the rock legends, and many took to the star’s post to share their well wishes.

One person commented: “I know the feeling. Thank you so much for the great music and wonderful concert at MSG.”

“@brianmayforreal get your rest!” another advised.

Queen + Adam Lambert recently performed their worldwide concert tour.

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