Published On: Wed, Aug 28th, 2019

Queen: Backstage video shows one thing Freddie Mercury regretted doing – WATCH here | Music | Entertainment

Bohemian Rhapsody was a glorious reminder of Queen in their heyday, but nothing compares to the thrill of seeing the four bandmates bantering backstage in real life. Freddie lived his life without apology, especially once he became comfortable with is own true self and sexuality. He is irrepressible and playful in this sneak peek behind the curtain. He even reveals he did have one or two regrets along the way, and if you listen carefully you can also hear an apology to Roger…

The video was unearthed by the Instagram fan account freddiemercuryclub, which is a treasure trove of videos, pictures and anecdotes about the band and its iconic frontman.

Freddie is resplendent in a bright green kimono/dressing gown as he has his hair and make-up done.

He is telling everyone what he regrets: “Oh sh*t, I threw my whistle away, actually.” The video cheekily cuts to Freddie on stage with a whistle telling the crowd: “I bet you can’t blow ‘em like that.”

Back in the dressing room, it turns out that wasn’t all Freddie threw into the audience as Roger shouts out: “You threw my best f***ing pair of maracas away on the first day! Great sounding maracas. I mean, it took me hours to steal them!” 

Freddie admits his crime: “Actually they were wonderful, I must say. I’m sorry.”

He also reveals the price he has paid for throwing good instruments off the stage: “Now they know I’m gonna throw these things… They give me these horrible things with about two peas in side that go rattle, rattle.”

It is an extraordinary joy to watch the band at ease and playful like this. Roger Deacon, unsurprisingly, is the quietest, sliding past the camera with raised eyebrows.

Freddie’s wit burst out at the end after Brian wonders id next Freddie will be “throwing ME in the audience.”

Freddie’s answer is a classic, delivered with a devilish half-grin and flap of his hands: “You don’t rattle as good.” 

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