Published On: Fri, Dec 6th, 2019

Queen and Princess Anne: An inside look at the close relationship – Anne to take on bigger

The only daughter of the Queen and Prince Philip, Princess Anne has been deemed the “hardest working” royal. In 2018, Anne completed a total of 518 royal engagements – more than any other member of the Royal Family.

On the list of working royals, Princess Anne is closely followed by her older brother Charles, who completed 507 engagements, and Prince Edward with 463.

Those who are close to the Princess Royal have remarked on her genuine dedication to public service.

And away from the royal engagements, those who know the princess best often remark on her tough and keep-busy demeanor.

Having started completing engagements at the age of 20, the Royal Family will soon be celebrating Anne’s 50th year in her royal role.

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And according to a royal expert, her family will be pulling out all the stops for the occasion.

The Queen has allowed documentary makers to film the Princess Royal, for a special programme which will be broadcast next year.

Many believe the Queen’s approval of the documentary is a testament to the close mother-daughter bond the pair share.

Royal author Phil Dampier also thinks the Queen will hold a special birthday party for her only daughter.

Following the news Prince Andrew will be stepping back from his royal duties, Mr Dampier suggested we could be seeing much more of Princess Anne in the future.

He told the publication: “She’s likely to become a much more important figure.

“Unlike her younger brother, she’s extremely discreet and not likely to make any faux pas. She’s a safe pair of hands.”

He added: “She’s had her own scandals in the past but got through them, while it’s probably much too late for Andrew to do the same.”

Footage of Princess Anne went viral this week, when it appeared she had avoided meeting Donald Trump at Buckingham Palace.

Some were of the opinion the Queen was beckoning for her daughter to join the group, to which Anne refused.

However other witnesses disputed this story.

Some say the Queen turned to Anne, to see what other leaders were left to be greeted.

As the Trump’s were last, Princess Anne raised her hands, laughed and said: “It’s just me!”

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